Pet Odours And Stains

Our staff are trained to use effective spot and stain removing techniques, tools, equipment and cleansers without damaging your carpets.

Successfully Clean and Remove Pet Odours And Stains

Has your pet left “odour” and/or urine on your carpet or furniture? In order to train your pet to stay away from those areas:

  • Find all soiled areas using your nose and eyes. A black-light bulb should reveal old urine stains.
  • Clean the soiled carpet areas with our powder system to remove the odours
  • Make areas where your pet urinates unpleasant and/or unavailable.
  • Make appropriate “bathroom” area attractive (reinforcement, the use of litter box or the use of a doggie door). Teach your dog or cat the proper place to go potty by using positive reinforcement.
  • In order for pet potty-training to be successful, you need to follow all of these steps.
  • If you fail to completely clean effected areas, your potty training efforts will be useless. As long as your pet can smell that personal scent, your pet will continue to return his “potty zone.” Even if you can’t smell traces of urine, your pet can. Your most important chore is to remove (neutralize) that odor.

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