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Mattressess – The Mite Problem

Unclean mattresses cause health problems in many places. Due to the constant climate in your bedroom, in just one year of use your mattress becomes the ideal biotope for dust-mites, bacteria, viruses and moulds.
Skin scales, dust and sweat produce the ideal environment for these microorganisms to reproduce. Sheets do not protect you against them, and conventional cleaning methods cannot eradicate such germs from your mattress.

We shower, brush our teeth and change our clothes, but we sleep on mattresses that are partly unhygienic. The mattress is, without any doubt, the most unhygienic object with which our skin is in contact for a third of our lives! Studies show that in 1 cm² of the mattress’ surface there is an average of 1,000 million germs. In comparison, there are barely 33,000 in a toilet, and on a frequently used door knob there could be about 70.000.

Skin scales invaded by bacteria are enough food for mites, so they propagate freely. The mite of prey, a natural enemy of the dust-mite seems to be extinguished. In a gram of dust there are up to 2,500 dust-mites, which means that more than 2,000.000 thrive in a mattress. This immense army produces enormous amounts of excrement.

According to scientific discoveries, contact with these excrements is what produces irritated and itchy eyes. With every movement, both dust and the excrements whirl about. The mattress works as a bellow and the particles reach the mouth, nose, eyes and rest on the skin. For people with allergies, asthmatic or with bronchial illnesses, this is a disaster.

During its life-span, one dust-mite produces excrements that can weight more than 200 times its corporeal weight. At first the excrements remain stacked in small balls covered with mucus. After they decompose they become thin dust particles.

This dust is the allergen that produces allergies. In many investigations and at conventions, scientists agree and have confirmed that dust-mites and their guanine polluted excrements are a serious health risk.

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Mattressess – The Mite Solution

Remove the cause of Allergy and Asthma from your home. Get Your Health Back!

The world’s best non-chemical and truly safe hygiene solution to the mite problem is a SAFE and DRY cleaning technology. This superb technology was designed to penetrate mattresses, textiles, upholstery, carpets, rugs and any place mites thrive. This cleaning system was created, because mattresses cannot be washed. One cleaning application can efficiently exterminate nearly 99.9% of the mite population and their excrements with zero damage or discoloration to the treated material.

A Restful Sleep On Your New Mattress.

  • Hygienic mattresses and textiles
  • Pleasant fresh smell
  • Solution for dust mite allergy
  • Immediate affect : Neutralizes allergens
  • Long-term affect : Keeps dust mites off
  • Scientifically proven to kill dust mites.

This cleaning solution is a natural agent that eliminates & neutralizes dust mites & mites‘ excrement in mattresses, upholstery and carpets. It drives mites away and keeps them off for a long-term – the efficiency is scientifically proven!

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