Maintenance Cleaning

The advantages of maintenance cleaning – Clean only the accumulation of dirt on high traffic areas.

There are many reasons to clean with the All-Dri system:

User Friendly

  • No furniture removal
  • Short drying time, walk on immediately
  • Easy and simple to apply
  • Protects from re-soiling
  • Cost efficient through specific cleaning in accordance with the degree of soiling

Carpet Friendly

  • No soaking of the carpet
  • No water marks
  • No wet or sticky residues

Environmentally Friendly

  • 100% natural raw materials
  • Biodegradable ingredients
  • Phosphate free

Why does carpet cleaning need to be done at regular intervals?

The professional cleaning of your carpets is important to keep out bacteria and other potentially harmful allergens. Those are some of the biggest reasons of premature ageing of carpets and loss of colour, and contaminating your indoor breathing air and respiratory problems, like asthma and allergy attacks.

Did you know that 70% of cold and flu allergies as well as health problems stem from mats, rugs and mattresses.
As per a report, dust build-up in carpets, mats and rugs can badly affect the condition of your family members suffering from a breathing related ailment such as asthma.

We have solutions for any carpet cleaning problems.

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